​I started this company after being in the data warehouse space for nearly 20 years, manually collecting and combining data to create reports that were always outdated by the time they were ready. The manual processes created data integrity problems, and though we had a skilled team of engineers at every organization I worked at we could never really trust the data. Working like that was not acceptable to me anymore and I decided to create Intrava, a platform that does all the hard data prep automatically and serves it back to the end-user via user-friendly dashboards.

We decided to focus on the real estate industry because property management companies use a variety of data systems for day-to-day activities, have small teams managing significant assets, and many do not wish to add a lot of data engineers to their payroll and become technology organizations themselves. I also happen to have worked on a lot of real estate data in my career. Our goal is to become the leading data services provider to the property management industry and further innovate new products and features to serve the market.


- Mike van Thiel, CEO & Founder


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