Make better

Intrava merges and cleans data from all of your existing systems and serves it back to you in easy-to-read dashboards.

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Bringing it all together

Connect the dots

Intrava integrates with your data systems

One source of truth

Your data is automatically consolidated, cleaned, and standardized into a centralized database

Discover opportunity

Information is served back to you via dashboards tailored to your business

Quality matters

It’s hard to trust our key performance indicators if we don't have a place to see if the source data is complete and trustworthy.

Data quality dashboards are a key part of Intrava’s offering, enabling data consumers to see if the data behind their KPIs is reliable.

Data from multiple sources neatly
organized in one place.

The standard way of implementing a business intelligence platform is complex, can take years, and fails more than it succeeds. We are changing the narrative for real estate companies.

Intrava adds

  • Data unification
  • Data Cleaning
  • Easy custom reports
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Perspective

Intrava eliminates

  • Excel chaos
  • BI developers
  • Expensive software fees
  • Servers/cloud license
  • Manual reporting
  • Consultants


  • «With Intrava we get easy and fast access to relevant and reliable data across our systems. For our ongoing business management and reporting, we now avoid compiling data manually in Excel!»

    Kristian Hafsteen - CFO

  • A key difference maker with Intrava is cost and time to market. Any CTO can build a $2M data warehouse solution, but it will take two years and cost two million dollars. If you don’t have two years and $2M to spend, Intrava is the perfect option.

    George Trevino - CFO

  • Finding the right balance between occupancy and price is extremely important to our business. I don't know what I would've done without Intrava.

    Greg Rosener - CEO

  • I expected some solid reports initially, but I quickly realized that it's much more. Intrava is an intelligent data platform that's fully customisable to my needs.

    Markus Hoefinger - CEO

A small sample of systems we can integrate

Unlock hidden opportunities

Businesses use on average 16 software systems for daily activities. These systems hold the key to your ultimate success.

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