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Property management companies use a variety of software systems for their operations. This causes data silos that prohibits information from being easily accessible. When decision-makers don’t have a clear picture of performance it becomes difficult to make educated decisions in a timely manner.

Intrava enables property management companies to have all of their information in one place, intuitively displayed through automated dashboards. This saves an organization loads of hours, makes data accessible, and provides guidance for decision-makers.

happy customers

I expected some solid reports initially, but I quickly realized that it's much more. Intrava is an intelligent data platform that's fully customizable to my needs.

Markus Hoefinger

Property Owner and Manager – Vienna, Austria

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Maximize occupancy

Track your trailing, current, and future occupancy, and avoid availability

Optimize rental rates

Compare and analyze rental rates, and improve your bottom line

Decision-making Guidance

See what’s going on, and navigate with precision. No more guessing

Save time

No more manual work. Focus your time where it matters

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