Three core components make up our platform, a data transformation framework, a cloud-based multi-dimensional data warehouse, and data visualization software. We are a full-service company, meaning that you don't have to find people who can use these tools or learn how to use them yourself, we set it up and administrate it for you. However, if you want to take control over certain components of the platform or bring it all in-house we can accommodate that as well.


We’ve developed automated discovery algorithms that detect key data elements for property management within the respective database subject areas (PMS, ACCT, CRM, IoT, and more). However, finding the data isn’t the hard part, the next stage is where it gets tricky – data consolidation, cleansing, and optimization.


Data exports from transactional systems (systems we punch data into) are plagued with dirty values. Therefore, we need to consolidate and clean the data before we can analyze it. A few examples of the things we do at this stage:

  • Match data from different systems and create unique identifiers for properties, units, and other dimensions
  • Standardize addresses; there are probably ten legitimate ways of writing an address
  • Enrich data to enable pacing of data elements from different systems with diverse formatting

cloud-based data warehouse

When data is cleaned, we load it into the data warehouse. The architecture of Intrava’s data model has reached a standardization level for the property management industry that allows us to set up a data warehouse in record speed. Key benefits to a data warehouse:

  • Your reports are not dependent on the data structure in the transactional databases
  • Optimized for analyses
  • Enable cross-system reporting
  • Standardized dimensions

Data visualization

We connect data visualization software to the data warehouse to be able to view all data in a visual and meaningful context, enabling you to make evidence-based strategic decisions. Intrava’s visualization tool is a trusted partner and a tool we’ve carefully picked after trying a variety of vendors.

However, if you are considering Intrava and already have a data visualization tool subscription, we can connect that to the data warehouse.

NOTE! If you are considering connecting a data visualization tool directly to your transactional databases we highly recommend reading our white paper on the subject matter before you act on that strategy.


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