Dashboards as a Service

Give us access and we do the rest

Once we have access to your data systems we extract, surgically repair, and improve the data before we serve it back to you via dynamic and easy-to-use dashboards.

Beyond implementation, we monitor adoption and provide training and support to make sure your team successfully taps into the full potential of your dashboards.

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Data connectors

We’ve developed smart database connectors that automatically detect key data elements across standard and proprietary data systems in the real estate industry, enabling faster integration of your systems.

Data transformation

Data from different software systems exist in different grains, formats, and structures. To compare apples to apples we consolidate, optimize, clean, and standardize data into a unified format and structure.

Data warehouse

Standardized data is loaded into a data warehouse. In this centralized database all data elements from the underlying data systems relate to each other in one model, enabling powerful cross-system insights.

Data visualization

The neatly organized data is brought to life via dynamic and automated dashboards.


If you are considering connecting a data visualization tool directly to your transactional databases we highly recommend reading our white paper on the subject matter before you act on that strategy.

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Unlock hidden opportunities

Businesses use on average 16 software systems for daily activities. These systems together hold the key to your ultimate success. We help you find it.

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